Christine Elizabeth

Christine Elizabeth (Mauriello) came to know the Lord through a miraculous and divine encounter in 2014 through devastating circumstances. She had lived out of a wrong identity based on her woundedness her whole life, and even though she grew up in church everything she knew about God was merely head knowledge.

This encounter and realization lead to a journey of uncovering the many lies she truly believed (heart knowledge). Merely knowing the lies does not set us free, so the Lord taught her through Himself, His Word and others how to relieve herself of these burdens by giving them to the Lord and receiving His life transforming Truth in exchange.

Truth became a passion for Christine as she it’s fruit; she saw her life being transformed by the wound-foundation lies in her life being demolished and replaced by Truth. She became passionate about sharing and helping others in that same transformational journey. Christine formed Transfer Out in 2015. Transfer Out empowers the transformation with the same life-saving truths that she learned in her story - all based on biblical truth and delivered in a faith based or non-faith based teaching and coaching format.

Christine is also the owner of CM Production - a full service faith based video production ministry helping organizations and individuals to get their messages out through video.

Christine met Ron Warren through the Central Florida Christian Chamber of Commerce in 2018. Her heart leapt as she listened to the mission of his ministry to help those in the prison system to understand their true identity and to replace who they think God is with the Truth.

As Christine partnered with Ron to produce video Torah Parshas (teachings) and a video accompaniment for his book, “What if I’m Wrong, the Atheist Nightmare,” she really got a chance to know what Ron’s about. Ron is passionate about the truth and living out of truth and sharing that truth. This gave Christine confidence when the board asked to join them for Torah Life Ministries in 2019. Christine has seen God move in this ministry. It has been an absolute honor to be a part of this Kingdom work alongside of Ron, John and Greg as well as Ron’s right arm - his lovely wife Joann.

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