This ministry came together through Isaiah 43:19a which reads, "... I will make a road through the wilderness." Since 2013, Torah Life Ministry, through the Simchat Torah Institute (S.T.I.), has provided a totally unique ministry through the "Internet Super Highway." This ministry provides synagogue and church leaders, Bible teachers, and home study group leaders the opportunity to be taught the word of God as understood within the Jewish context.

Each Thursday, pastors, rabbis, and Bible study group leaders are invited to "tune in" to weekly sessions led by founder Ron Warren, to learn more of the scriptures in its context. It is designed to better equip themselves as teachers and leaders. These interactive video conferences are an effective learning experience as the truths of God's word is presented and participants engage in lively and challenging discussions. 

Contact us to learn more about participating in these studies.

During 2016, we begun the process of recreating these teachings in a downloadable, power point format. We are in the process of building a library of teaching material that is accessible to our pastor/teachers and Bible study leaders. Many materials have been posted and we are adding more and more each week, but the library is far from being complete. After successfully beta testing these material through an international, professional teachers marketplace, we making these availible in downloadable format through this website at a discounted price. In other words, these materials are available to any teacher, pastor or Bible study leader to be used in his/her teaching ministry.

These can be purchased as individual units such as a power point presentation or transcript. As we ove forward we will "bundle" these with compatible audios and videos.

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