The Bible Bites are used for insertion in the weekly Sunday bulletin. When it is time for service, it is used to call attention to the pulpit to calm down the socializing among the faithful. The person will tell a little about the Bible Bite and then the service begins.

The Bible Bites may be a single subject or part of a series.

  • It can also tie into the Pastor's message so that the faithful can review it at home.
  • It is also used for the faithful to share with outsiders.
  • It can also be used for Home Bible studies or to delve into further at Sunday night services.
  • We can out series in a booklet form for sale.

The Bible Bites are designed to take the faithful deeper into the Bible by treating the Old and New Testaments as one Covenant. It is designed to showcase the world as OUR Father's Kingdom. As such, it gives expositions on both the Physical World and the Spiritual World for these two worlds cannot be separated.

The vision of the Bible Bites is to present the material in such a way that it will attract both the faithful as well as the disenchanted, detached Believers who have bailed out of congregation attendance because they are not being fed meat that meets today's challenges. On that basis, the Bible Bites supplies information that will prepare them with the full spectrum of God's purpose for those who follow Him in OUR Father's Kingdom.

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