John Grady

John Grady's first visit to a prison was to visit a friend's son in 2010. It was there GOD show him that HIS sons have a soul that needs to be connected to their creator. The prison where he was visiting was mostly "lifers"- in prison for life. You could call them the "forgotten people." He saw a change knowing the man's past, radiated out of the man. John could visually see how GOD can change people.

John was move by GOD and volunteered to move into a rehab in 2003 in Orlando. It is there where he learned to minister to these men. He lived in the complex of buildings with these men in the same dorms as they did, and no special privileges for nine months with 35 of these men.

Having never done drugs or alcohol, it opened John's eyes up as GOD would see them. His heart was touched by Adonai for HIS sons. This truly changed John's way of thinking. He saw these men as people who have bad mistakes but are forgiven by Adonai when these men repented of their sins.

John has gone to prison ministry in Atlanta, Georgia in 2009 and to Daytona in 2016. He is presently leading a prison ministry in Century, Florida on Wednesdays. He has been working this ministry since 2013.

This last Passover he was responsible for getting food for the men to celebrate the Passover meal with 30 inmates. The inmates in this prison have been given a Torah scroll through his ministry for their Sabbath services.