The Staff in this Ministry has a three-fold mission:

  1. Teaching the Word of God into both local and state prisons, both male and female, so that lives will be transformed by the power of the Word of God. This process is designed to change the mindset of the inmates into disciples/ or servants of God while in the prisons.
  2. By giving the inmates the Word of God, we also teach the application of the Word of God that can work for the inmates as they deal with prison life. This course of action will set the convictions of the individual inmates. This development in their conviction changes and/or guides their walk in prison.  Their walk will change their attitude renewed. To help in this progression we meet every two weeks with the leader in one of the prisons. 
  3. This part of the mission is known as the "End game" procedure. It’s designed to help the inmates prepare for the outside life after their time is served. Depending on how long they were in prison, this could require a major adjustment. We are at the present time preparing a number of steps to delicately help them adjust.

The major advantage is that with the staff of men, women are able to go in to the men prisons. With the staff of women, men are able to go into women prisons and vice versa. It becomes the best of both worlds.