Thursday, 15 September 2016 20:05

God “Turns on the Light”

You can plant the seed or water the plant; but it is God produces the fruit. The problem is that some people believe they produced the fruit, taking the place of God.

As a leader, it can become very discouraging, planting and watering through the word of God, and not seeing the increase. It can make you wonder if he/she is making a difference; but then, to lift up your spirit, God turns on the light”.

As some people know, we visit and minister in prisons. The inmates have a name for the prison – “The Armpit of the World”.

On December 11, 2015, we celebrated a feast in prison called Chanukah.  What most people don’t know is that the prison only allowed one family day a year. The Messianic and Orthodox Jews chose Passover for that day.

Through a move of God, and with this ministry’s help, we were able to get a second family day. The Messianic and Orthodox Jews chose Chanukah. I taught on the life of the Eagle and, for me, God turned on the light”.

The Orthodox Jews were so grateful for this second family day that they served the food and drink to the Messianic Jews and their families. On the outside of the prison, this would never have been done. This act alone was a miracle; but God was about to make the light brighter.

The inmates have been sending me their testimonials, and, through this, I want to tell a story about an inmate. I will call him Jim” to protect his identity. He was a new believer and was at the Chanukah Festival. He knew nothing about Chanukah, and very little about Messianic Judaism. He asked me a lot of questions.

The inmates wanted to take a picture of the guys who went through baptism. I took the picture; but then Jim” asked me a question: What is baptism?”

It became a divine appointment and a teachable moment. Here is why:

The word baptism is not a translation. It is a transliteration. What that means is they take the Greek word, twist it a little bit, and make it into an English word instead of translating it. Anyone who understands Spanish knows what I’m saying.

The Greek word baptizo” is only adjusted for the English language. You do not really know what it means, so you must learn it from somewhere else.

The word baptizo is a word used in the ancient dye and garment industry. If you took a white shirt and dunked it into red dye, the white shirt would become red -soaked with the red dye. The white shirt has taken on the properties and characteristics of the red dye. The action of plunging and bringing out was called baptizo”.

Baptism is not just a picture of going under and coming up. It is the picture of the soaking up the dye. You are immersed in the spirit and the spirit is immersed in you. You are soaked with the spirit, and you are changed. Just like the white shirt when it is dipped in the red dye, you are given a new spiritual DNA”.

Today, Jim” is a strong believer in the Messianic movement. Like everybody else, when this happens to them, very few people see the change immediately. They are still looking at that first impression; but Jim” knows that the change has affected him.

God, for Jim, has turned on the lights”.

This Ministry has strong financial needs. We have started a drive called Operation Eagle. It’s a way for you to help in this part of the ministry to support it.  

Every week we produce a newsletter called The Scribe’s Journal. This newsletter takes the portion of the Torah that is read in every Jewish synagogue in the world, and places the Brit Hadashah (New Testament) into it.

Through email, this newsletter is free for everyone; but not for printing and mailing. It costs about $10.00 per month for an inmate to get the printed copy of this newsletter. That works out to about $2.32 a week or $.33 a day.

You can help put this word of God into the hands of an inmate, and change his/her life forever. You can do it at .  Any amount would be greatly appreciated.