Friday, 30 September 2016 20:32

Our Website Continues to Grow and Bless

God is Moving in this Ministry!  Traffic on our website is experiencing phenomonal year over year growth. This growth is driven primarily by an aggressive Google AdWords campain implemented in February 2017. Not only are we experiencing excellent growth in the number of individuals who are finding the website, but also many are subscribing to the the "Scribes Journal " and in some cases, some have made financial contributions to the Torah Life Ministry. 

Our TorahLife website is up to date and exceeds all of Google requirements of gexcellent website performance. This allows TorahLife to be correctly positioned for Google Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and the FREE Google AdWords Grants program for nonprofit organizations. We are taking full advantage of both.

Doors are opening and God is Moving.

Please continue to pray for this Ministry. We will take all of the prayers we can get.