Friday, 19 May 2017 19:36

Speaking at DOD Prayer Breakfast

On Thursday, June 1. 2017, I will be speaking at the Team Orlando Prayer Breakfast in Orlando at 7:00am. It is my first speaking gig through Torahlife Ministries. From what I have been told, there could be between 20-40 people present. If you want to check the prayer breakfast on line, here is the URL:

Guests are invited to attend, but they will be required to sign in. Cameras are allowed, but only in that room. Here is why.

Most of the people there will be DOD (Department of Defense) personnel and contractors. This will truly be an honor for me. It is my prayer that people will experience the word of God on their lives when they go back to their individual jobs. I will be taking the people, by using the seven levels of faith that are found in the New Testament (Brit Hadashah), though the Tabernacle. Each level of faith will connect to the individual item of furniture found in the Tabernacle.

I am allowed to bring in 20 copies of our newsletter, "The Scribe's Journal," for the people to pick up. What do you think will be the topic of the newsletter?

The day before I speak will be May 31st. Does anyone want to make a guess what is special about that day? It is the day that the Jewish people will celebrate the Feast of Shavuot (Pentecost). Now you know the topic.

I believe I have been placed into this position "for such a time as this". God is my "Pilot," but I know the power of prayer. If it were not for the prayers of my wife, I would NOT be an EX-Atheist. I am asking, and will take, all of the prayers I can get.